Dr. Wily; Or How I stopped Worrying and Loved Megaman

When I was 4 years old, my father brought home the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was packed with Super Mari Brothers and Duck Hunt. Along with those two games, my father had brought home a copy of MegaMan, and Excite Bike.

When we first hooked the system up, we started on Mario Brothers first, then played the Duck Hunt game to death. I played Excite Bike a lot in the first few weeks I had the system, and never touched MegaMan.

I watched my dad play it a few times, after dinner, and my 4 year old mind just could not wrap itself around the gameplay mechanics, nor the platforming and boss fights that the game had in it. My dad would get frustrated with it, put the controller down and walk off, and on one of those occasions, I picked it up and tried playing.

Oh God. To this day, I have spikes. And jumping. And moving platforms.

And spikes. GOD THE SPIKES.

My 4 year old frustration was very quick to come out. I threw the controller down, turned the system off and stomped outside, to play in the yard, which at that time was much cooler than some stupid NES game I couldn't play.

Time went by, and I turned 6. We had already gotten a lot of NES games and my brother had gotten a Sega Genesis, so I had mostly put down the NES controller and moved on.

But one day I picked it back up, blew the dust out of the MegaMan cartridge, and started to play.

Oh Man.

That game rocked. It was so thrilling to start the game, and actually finish it, without having to reset or restart. I tried many times, but finally a few days later I beat it.

I was hooked, from then on out.